Özgür Gültekin — Visual Experience Designer




Genvid launched their first SDK for game developers, enabling game broadcasts for eSports, VR, and any online game whose experience is unlike any that has come before.

— Role

Senior Visual Designer (2018—Present)
Montreal, Canada / New York, USA

Overseeing creative design and execution while driving quality, unity, and consistency of creative tone, voice, and design of all brand communications and projects.


— Objective

Capturing Genvid’s spirit of future-facing interactivity, reasserting and amplifying its visual expression.

— Process

I started working out the idea of more gentle and rounded lettering compositions that could be used for logo style based on original logo type. The collaboration with the team was kept through revisions of sketches, and if sketches had been approved, they were processed in Adobe Illustrator. Once the logo type was finalized, the task became more distinct — creating a logo icon that evokes the evolution of interaction for compelling live game broadcasts.

At the stage of the creative search, several directions were tested, including but not limited to variants of letter G as a letter mark. After creating and reviewing numerous variants the team agreed on one as the best version. Intersecting arrows forming the experience, building upon its history of innovation and delivering premium interactive broadcasts to live-streaming audiences.

The main colour is an orange that is reminiscent of active energy transformed by social communication and interactivity; prompting cheerfulness. Logo mark, paired with a balancing navy implies stable and enhanced experience.

With its monochrome version, new logo is now easily recognized and stands out on a variety of backgrounds and surfaces.

— Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Sketch

Four main screens featuring Associate Hub, Live Chat, Inbox, and Share an Update
Old meets New…

Old meets New…


Game UI

User Interface designs and screen prototyping for Battle Royale, Card Collecting, Fighting, First Person Shooter, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and Sports games — demonstrating Genvid SDK and its features.

The nature of this work is confidential.


Web Design

Prototyped a stylish and easy-to-use website with an interface that’s perfectly branded and rich with features. Re-designed prototypes include but not limited to a narrative-driven homepage with iconography that’s echoed throughout the website, clean and bold layouts for sub-pages, and cleaning up the site architecture and improved navigation.

The nature of this work is confidential.


Team Gear

Genvid logo stood up well to use on items such as soft shell jackets where monochrome backgrounds enable the brand identity to pop.

Embroidered patches for Genvid Crew

Embroidered patches for Genvid Crew


Marketing Collateral

Taking a strategic approach to event marketing collateral allows us for the most consistent end result. Each event has its own purpose — a one size fits all approach never suffice. Designing a cohesive event marketing campaign around Genvid’s goals for events helps us to drive an actionable, aesthetic, and consistent marketing strategy.


Rest of this work is confidential.